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Seibo participated in TOOLS 2011 conference in Zürich

10 July 2011 | News | No Responses
Last Modified: 1 July 2012 @ 14:15

Paul Cohen and Daniel Rodríguez from Seibo attended the TOOLS 2011 conference organized at ETH Zürich. They where also invited by professor of software engineering at ETH Bertrand Meyer to give a talk at the Eiffel Design Feast on Eiffel in REST-based web services, which was held in connection to the TOOLS conference. Seibo also participated in a couple of workshops with researchers at the software engineering department of ETH and discussed web service gateway protocols for Eiffel and Eiffel-based no-SQL based persistance solutions for the web. Seibo also invited Javier Hector from Argentina to the conference. Javier has participated in some of Seibos open source projects .

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